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    You crown the year with Your goodness,

    And Your paths drip with abundance. Psalms 65:11

    At Dr Hei, we believe that every individual deserves the confidence from our crowning glory, that is the hair. The hair is an important part of our body that sets the tone for our entire appearance.

    We aim to help you make all of your hair problems a thing of the past.


    We have introduced our revolutionary product, Hei8, to help you restore your crowning glory.

    With a blend of Botanical Extracts and French Proprietary Technology, Hei8 offers the perfect solution for the anti-greying of hair roots, restoration of melanin, strengthening of hair roots, renewal and restoration of hair growth.


    Down to the roots, your hair can now be restored to its original colour as in the days of your youth.


    Embark on this transformational journey with us.

    Nourish your crown and restore the confidence in you today.


  • Proprietary French Technology

    Technologie Française Propriétaire

    Using Patented French Technology to extract actives from Botanical Leaves helps in promoting repigmentation of Original Hair Color and restores hair growth rate.



    Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.

    It aids in fast absorption which produces an accelerated effect on the scalp.

  • Our Products

    Hei8 Daily Youth Renewal Hair Essence

    Essence de cheveux

    The Hei8 Daily Youth Renewal Hair Essence is to be used on a daily basis to achieve optimal results. It consists of 10 Benefits and is well known for its breakthrough effectiveness in growing back your Original Hair Color (Anti-Greying) and stimulating hair growth.

    With daily and continuous usage, cleaner, healthier and strong hair & scalp will be achieved.


    Regain your crown of glory with Hei8!


    SGD 98 per bottle

    Made in France


    Hei8 Daily Youth Renewal Hair Essence Ampoules


    Hei8 Hair Ampoules are commonly used at Hair Salons as part of the Hair Treatment on clients.

    Clients can purchase the Hair Ampoules for other purposes such as travelling or vacation.

    SGD 28 per ampoule

    Made in France

    Product comes in a box of 20 pieces, 10ml each.


    Beautifully designed. Meticulously crafted.

    The perfect balance of innovation, portability and performance


    Using Patented French Technology to extract actives from Botanical Leaves helps in promoting re-pigmentation of Original Hair Color and restores hair growth rate.


    With daily and continuous usage, the essence cleanses and nourishes the scalp, which strengthens hair roots and promotes renewal growth of healthier black hair.


    With Nano Technology, molecules are now finer which helps with more effective absorption of essence into the scalp. Consequently, the pores on the scalp will be minimised, thereby strengthening the ability to anchor the hair to the scalp. This reduces hair loss and encourages higher hair growth rate.


    The Hei8 Essence provides photo-protection of epidermal cells against DNA damage after UV exposure under the sun. The protective effect of Hei8 on scalp cells against external stresses help to preserve a healthy scalp and hair follicles.


    The Hei8 Essence consists of reactive oxygen scavenger that combats against oxidation on the scalp which reduces irritation and bacterial growth.


    The Hei8 Essence helps to boost DNA-repair mechanism to cope with external stress. Consequently, it makes the hair follicle stronger to prepare for the perfect condition for the hair growth.


    The Hei8 Essence contains antioxidants to stabilise compounds that might otherwise be harmful to the scalp. This acts as a form of protection.


    Bacterial growth, irritation and inflammation are root causes to most of the hair problems in the world. The Hei8 Essence ensures quality sebum creation, thereby eradicating these problems from occuring.


    The Hei8 Essence contains antioxidant properties by inhibiting free radicals and enzymes that cause inflammation to occur. As such, The Hei8 Essence offers a form of protection and covering for macromolecules such as lipids or DNA components against oxidation. With daily and continuous usage, it promotes a cleaner and healthier scalp which encourages hair growth.


    The Hei8 Essence also protects cells against the cytotoxic effects of UVB radiation to promote healthy cells.

  • Testimonies

    Transformational change using Hei8

  • Reviews

    Submitted by users of Hei8

    Shanisse Tsai, 21

    Medical Student & Vocalist

    "Having to perform so regularly also means that my hair has to undergo a lot of heat styling. This has caused me a lot of bald spots and brittle hair EEPS~ .
    Thank goodness for @drhei.official, which uses Nanotechnology to strengthen my hair roots, promote hair growth helps to boost DNA repair mechanism 👏🏼 BEST OF ALL, it promotes BLACK HAIR GROWTH and has anti-greying and anti-ageing properties-> SO GOOD FOR UR MAMA/PAPA TOO!!"

    Tricia Wee, 20

    Beauty Consultant

    "I’ve been suffering from much unwanted white hair since young because of inherited genes. And it got worse when I got pregnant because of the hormones changes and stress that I put my body through. I even suffered from some hair loss after I had my first child.


    Luckily for me, recently I've chanced upon Dr Hei’s Hei8 Daily Youth Renewal Hair Essence product and I have been using it every night! It offers the perfect solution for the anti-greying of hair roots, strengthening of hair roots, renewal and restoration of hair growth!!!


    The essence has TEN benefits for your hair! It helps to grow black hair by restoring melanin production, encourages hair growth rate and reduces hair loss. It also helps to reduce bacterial growth and irritation which can lead to congestion of hair pores. (the major cause of many hair problems)


    There are many more benefits from it where you can check it out at @drhei.official .

    It is super easy to use it! You just have to spray the essence on the balding/greying areas after you shampooed your hair.

    This is suitable not just for the elderly, it is also for people like me who is suffering from early greying of hair or women who are suffering from postpartum hair loss."

    Rachell Ng, 23

    Final Year Student in SMU

    "My hair’s always super important to me and I’d never say no to more hair 😌A little hair solution, Hei8 by Dr Hei, is something I’m using to help boost my hair it helps to grow BLACK hair by reproduction of melanin from within the roots, hair will double in diameter, helps to prevent hair loss and controls oil (because of NANOtech to minimize pore size!)"

    ES Neo

    User of Hei8, purchased from Roadshow

    "I have used this hair essence tonic for about three months. I am very satisfied with the effect. Apply directly to scalp and massage with fingertips and it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. It has a significant effect on preventing hair loss. I will continue to use and highly recommend to relatives and friends in need."

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